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Help DD keeps waking in the night

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madhide Wed 31-May-06 11:01:04

My DD 23 months has always slept reasonably well but the last week or so she has started waking after being asleep for and hour or so and then a couple more times in the night and then getting up at 5am!

DH and I are knackered and as a result are arguing with each other over silly things

Has anyone been through a similar thing and have any suggestions of how to break the cycle?

donnacb Mon 05-Jun-06 20:47:04

hi mad hide my ds is the same although he has never slept through. he was preterm so either was ill or teething. we are actually goign to try a sort of controlled crying in a couple of weeks when i have a long weekend off work. no real help. but lots of hugs. im permanetly knackered. Were always bickering but at least we know why. hope some one offers tou some help donna

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