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Is it ever safe to put a pillow in a cot?

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Psychobabble Tue 30-May-06 20:58:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tortoise Tue 30-May-06 21:00:08

My dd is 22 months and has a normal size pillow in her cot.Until recently she co-slept with me and used a pillow.

nothercules Tue 30-May-06 21:01:27

I thought they were okay to use from a year.

Angeliz Tue 30-May-06 21:04:26

My dd is 15 months and has a little pillow. I gave it to her when she was just over a year. She sleeps in my room and ends up in my bed anyway but she seems more comfy

madmarchhare Tue 30-May-06 21:05:09

Yep, from a year. DS had a cot pillow from 13mos. I think the other issue is using them as a prop to climb out.

Californifrau Tue 30-May-06 21:06:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angeliz Tue 30-May-06 21:09:52

but comfy

madmarchhare Tue 30-May-06 21:15:06

I wondered that Califorifrau (like the new name btw), but ds definately did sleep better.

hulababy Tue 30-May-06 21:23:49

Pillows are fine from 12 months AFAIK

BonyM Tue 30-May-06 21:25:43

DD1 had a small pillow after 12mths. She's 8 now, so I guess it was safe enough .

We got from Ikea..

Seona1973 Wed 31-May-06 12:52:47

pillows, duvets, etc are all considered ok from 1 year. My dd had one from then too. It started when she had a cold and it helped elevate her head. It also gave me somewhere to put the tissue with karvol on it to help clear her nose!!

BettySpaghetti Wed 31-May-06 12:59:07

Can I presume from this that not all children do several "laps" of their cot every night , ending up sleeping in every direction imaginable then?

DS is never in the same place as you left him!

Securlurking Wed 31-May-06 13:28:59

dd used to do laps round her cot at night, the I bought her a new bed set (quilt, pillow covers etc) and used the whole lot as it looked pretty (shallow I know!) initially I took the pillow out at night but one night she asked for it (she was about 18 months). Now she has it all the time and sleeps on it all night, dosn't do laps and - triumph of triumphs - does not end up with no covers on and crying with cold at 3 am

I also thought that there was something about the shape of their head as they grow - we need a pillow under our neck to keep the spine straight as adults, I am not sure when the shape of a babies head and neck changes but I should imagine there is a stage where they find it more comfortable with a pillow just like we do.

Psychobabble Wed 31-May-06 18:31:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Securlurking Wed 31-May-06 19:01:50

good logic lol, I think I may have to adopt that one

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