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neary three and no longer sleeping

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basset1 Tue 30-May-06 20:27:01

calling all cybernates - pelase help. had perfect sleeping/ routined child. life was a dream until past couple of month as keeps waking at night - any time from an hour after going to sleep. thrashes about in bed - seems like description of night terrors except she doesn't seem afraid and she is consolable. but sometimnes we are talkign eight times through the night. And whenever she wakes up past 1am - she goes silent after i go in and then cries every twenty minutes until i unethically resort to medised...this is causing such a strain on all of us. DS next door bedroom - only 1. DH 43 but is like moody teenager and i am struggling, Try to leave her but can't for too long as know will wake up DS and also the longer she is left the angrier she seems to get. 2 weeks ago discovered she had chicken pox and convinced myself this is why 1.5 months of hell but it's still going on...shan't go on but please someone help. I am so stresed. have knots in my stomach when i go to bed as know it's just a matter of time before i am awoken ans sleep in over.

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