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should I just let her get on with it

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TheLadyVanishes Mon 29-May-06 19:36:34

put dd to bed about 1/2hr ago, she won't settle (nought new there) she isn't crying its more like a whine and moan (i have just sent dh upstairs and told him to lie her down and pop her dummy in and leave her) is this the best way to handle it coz whenever we go into the room she starts laughing and thinks its play time

TheMammy Mon 29-May-06 19:38:58

What age is she? I know how it feels, except if I sent my dh in, he would come walking out with him in his arms!!

TheLadyVanishes Mon 29-May-06 19:44:30

she's 11mths

yomellamoHelly Mon 29-May-06 20:04:54

Would actually be inclined to leave her to whine and moan and would only go in if she started to sound genuinely distressed.

jambot Tue 30-May-06 11:23:50

I would leave her be. I find with my DD that the more I interfere, the longer it takes to get to sleep. Mine also takes a while to drop off some nights, but unless she's really crying, I leave her to it.

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