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just whinging

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TheLadyVanishes Mon 29-May-06 18:23:28

dd is in our room (11mths) as we are decorating. Anyway she is waking up anytime from 5.00am onwards!! doesn't sleep past 6.00am and the early mornings are starting to take their toll on myself and dh. DD doesn't go to sleep till around 7.30pm (is difficult to settle as she is very hyper and wants to have a giggle rather than sleep) its driving me round the bend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I want to sleep sleep sleep (I even to go bed at 9.30pm!) can't wait to get her in her own room now and I was really sad at the prospect of doing this a few months back but not now definitley not.

plummymummy Mon 29-May-06 23:00:48

sorry to state obvious, but have you got a black out blind? Our son has one and even so he still wakes up a bit earlier now that the mornings are light earlier. I dread to think what time he would wake without one.

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