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who will join me on cosleeping thread?

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bytheseaside Fri 07-Jun-13 10:08:20

Is there a general thread to chat and share cosleeping experiences? if not, anyone else want one? Im often trawling through looking for advice on this or that aspect. i have 8mo, cosleeping initially from necessity (needed some bloody sleep!) and now we mainly love it: feeding has been great and she seems so happy. I would like to move towards own bed / room though, just no faith this is achievable! having been a bit 'high needs' shall we say, dd hasn't ever been able to self settle or sleep alone (hence cosleeping) except in car or short daytime naps and i just can't face going to bed at 7 myself: i would never eat or see dp, so she naps /wakes downstairs with us until late then she and i usually sleep late (well she does anyway). not ideal, and impossible with visitors/going away. But we do generally all get relatively decent amount of sleep. hmmm. Would really like to hear other peoples experiences.

Buchanon08 Fri 24-Jan-14 22:38:55

Apologies if anyone has already mentioned this as I have not had chance to read all posts but I have a co sleeping question maybe someone could help with! Co slept with and bf DCs 1&2 til approx 2 yrs when they happily transferred to their own beds/rooms smile DC3 is 11 weeks and we are doing the same (although optimistically have put drop down cot next to the bed, haha, don't know why we own one!) Anyway, for the first few weeks he would have a feed, go to sleep, repeat several times through the night, as expected, minimal disturbance, maximum sleep smile for the last week or two however he will only sleep with my nipple in his mouth like a dummy ALL night! Keen to avoid an actual dummy as I fear it will be a constant game of putting it back in. What can I do?! Am getting really sore neck/hips from laying in the same position and getting not enough sleep...

djwholesome Thu 30-Jan-14 09:56:54

Hello, New to this thread and a new co-sleeper at 8.5 months, but we're struggling! I was dreaming it might be so easy, but maybe not if you start so late? Is this TOO late?... I'm really really keen to make this work and happy with the idea that she'll probably be in our bed for years. We had one great week, I got 6 (broken) hours sleep and was a different woman and DD very jolly. But now she's waking up more than hourly and crawling about and crying out a lot, with frustration I think. I try feeding back to sleep but half the time it doesn't work and she just pulls my hair and clambers around getting upset until I try feeding again. And then she seems to wake up for good at 4.15am! I'm trying to reduce daytime breastfeeds gradually as I go back to work in 2 months, so feeding so much at night seems a bit crazy. Any advice on how to deal with this night waking very welcome!!

MrsKoala Thu 30-Jan-14 15:45:27

Hi all, i'm new to this thread but looking for a bit of advice if anyone has any. DS is 16mo and has co slept from the beginning. He has always been a bugger to get to sleep but pretty much slept thru from 4mo. Albeit midnight -10am most nights. But the last 2 months he has really regressed. Since we moved house (for the 4th time in his life sad ) he wont go to sleep without being walked in the buggy then transferred to bed. Dh does this at about 9 (as any earlier he just wont sleep and thinks it's a great adventure to point at cars in the rain).

The main problem tho is he has become obsessed with playing with my hair as a comfort, so at night he lays close and likes to rub his fingers along my scalp. Obviously, this keeps me awake, but if i stop him he wakes and cries. So do any of you wise co sleepers have any tips to stop your baby prodding you in the night? smile

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