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3 year old DS isn't going to sleep until after 11pm

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AllyJU Fri 24-May-13 11:04:19

We have suddenly started having issues with our 3 old DS at bedtime. He previously was an angel when it came to sleep - he would tell me when he was tired, and would happily go to bed and fall asleep almost immediately.
We put him to bed ay 7pm as normal, but after we go downstairs, he calls down for things - drink, books, teddy etc (we recognise these as stalling tactics, as we went through a similar thing with my DD a couple of years ago). Recently though, he has has started to shout down saying he needs a wee and wants to go on the potty (he isn't potty trained yet, and shows no interest in using the potty during the day). If we allow him to sit on the potty, he can stay there for quite a long time without doing anything, but if we try to get him to go back to bed he will scram and say 'wee wee is coming'. If we ignore him and leave him in bed, he takes his nappy off and wets the bed.
We have tried ignoring all his requests ,but he just cries and screams until he falls asleep, which has not been until after 11pm every night this week.
I'm at my wits end - my and my DH as constantly bickering with each other as we are so tired and feel so helpless, and my 6 yo DD is also being disturbed and is super grumpy too.

I'm dreading going home tonight - please can anyone help?

omama Fri 24-May-13 13:41:53

Does he still nap during the day? If he does might be time to drop it?

AllyJU Fri 24-May-13 15:06:18

Yes, he does, but only for an hour (and does still seem to really need it)

imtheonlyone Fri 24-May-13 15:47:47

I would second the dropping of the nap. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but its not surprising that he needs it if he's not getting to sleep till late.

I would be firm and do not talk to him. Not saying totally ignore him. But once he's been put to bed, you don't talk to him or give him any attention. If he gets out of bed, just calmly put him back in and leave. Remove the potty from sight if you can. If he's not interested in using it in the day then does it need to be lying around? Get some bed mats to protect the bed I he takes a nappy off. Or try pull ups or big boys bed pants instead?

I know how frustrating this can all be. I do sympathise. Repeated actions is the only way I've found that works. And when playing up at bedtime, just ignoring them and calmly putting them back to bed without giving them any attention has worked for me

Good luck!

AllyJU Fri 24-May-13 16:03:15

Thanks - this all makes perfect sense and no, not too harsh - sometimes I can't see the wood for the trees.

He is very stubborn (gets it from his Mum) so I think it is going to take some time, and he knows exactly how to get us to come running (screaming 'ow! ow! ow!' is a good one), but will stock up on the rescue remedy (for me) on the way home.

My husband wants to get the cot out and threaten him with putting him in there if he gets out of bed, but I'm not so sure...

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