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Support thread for getting DC into own room

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Forgetfulmog Fri 24-May-13 09:05:05


I've been co-sleeping with dd for about 4 months now (completely unintentional - she just wouldn't settle on her own). Anyway she's now 8.5 months & have decided that tonight is the night we will start putting her in her own cot in her own room. Aaarghhh!

She's ebf & atm wakes up 1-2 hourly for feeds. Hopefully this won't continue in her own room!

DH & I are going to try the NCSS, but I suspect we may just end up making it up as we go along grin. We are completely anti cc (no offence to anyone who's tried it, but it's just not for us). We've agreed that, no matter what, dd is not coming into our bed (famous last words!).

So, anyone else trying to get their DC into their own room & want to share tips, concerns or rants?? smile

Forgetfulmog Thu 06-Jun-13 07:56:15

Wiggy - I have tied a muslin to her cot bars as something for her to hold onto. She's never liked being swaddled so I don't think that'll work, but I do have her in a gro-bag. She's so grumpy at the moment - I know her snotty nose isn't helping. She's had this for nearly 2 weeks now, surely it must get better soon?

I sympathise about your back, mine is not liking the bending over the cot to soothe dd.

Well she managed until 11.30 last night. Tried to settle her twice but she wasn't having it so brought her into our bed. Up at 5.30 as usual.

God, please tell me it gets easier...

I'm glad the naps are going well wiggy & enjoy your day today, hope you're going to spend it relaxing smile

Forgetfulmog Thu 06-Jun-13 07:57:59

Oh & yes the jabs are probably to blame. Only one set left to go before he's 1 though. Dd was absolutely fine after her last set (I was expecting it to be really bad as there are 3 jabs!)

Wiggy29 Thu 06-Jun-13 14:20:37

It does get better, your dd sounds like my ds1. He got a bit better at about 7 months with weaning in full flow (was still bf until 10 months)& still woke about once every night until about 18 months. That said, when he did start sleeping through he was amazing&has slept for 12 hours virtually every night since & he's 8 now. Looking back, there was not much I could have done differently as he had terrible reflux. I've learnt from number 2 that every baby is different& you have to find what suits you/them. Does your dd have a dummy? Ds2 just has it for naps/bed& that helps.

Forgetfulmog Thu 06-Jun-13 18:49:08

Thanks wiggy. Yes she does have a dummy, although she is starting to use it less & less (her choice).

Fingers crossed for tonight smile

Forgetfulmog Fri 07-Jun-13 08:40:29

So dd only lasted an hr in her cot last night hmm

Slept with her last night & she only fed twice shock, which was very unusual! She was & is still very snotty & I'm convinced that's what is stopping her sleep in the cot. I've been using the Snuffle Babe, but it doesn't really seem very effective anymore, also Calpol - any other tips? I don't have a humidifier ...

Wiggy, primal & happy - how have your LOs been?

Forgetfulmog Tue 11-Jun-13 10:05:36

So how's everyone been getting on?

I've had to give up for the time being - had D&V over the weekend & dd now has chickenpox so it's back to co-sleeping for now. We're not doing an evening routine at all atm, dd is quite sleepy anyway so I'm just letting her sleep on me on the sofa & taking her up when I'm ready to go to bed.

Maybe we'll get there by the time she's ready to start school <hopeful>

Wiggy29 Wed 12-Jun-13 21:33:36

Hi forgetful, have you tried a saline nasal spray? They can be used from birth.

Day time naps are fab BUT now he's so used to the whole swaddle/darkness thing that he doesn't want to sleep if we're out&about. So when out I'm having to let him fall asleep on me.

No change on the night time, dp hasn't had chance to put cot in our room (needs to be taken down to fit out). We MUST get this done soon as it's far too hot in the mo and as ds is getting older he's rolling round more&sleeping star fish! My back is killing me from hanging off the edge of the bed!

Wiggy29 Wed 12-Jun-13 21:34:13

Forgetful- remind me how old your dd is.

Forgetfulmog Thu 13-Jun-13 08:00:25

She's 9 months wiggy. I can't use the nasal stuff on her, was able to when she was a newborn, but now she's got wise to it & twists her head all over the place so it ends up going in her eye, which just makes her cry even more.

Our routine has just gone to pot atm, we're just doing whatever it takes to ensure we get some sleep, but it's not that much really!

Glad your daytime naps are going well wiggy. Good luck on the nighttimes now!

happydaze77 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:03:42

Just checking in. Nothing new to report really. DD in cot after dreamfeed still, haven't yet tried starting bedtime in there. Yet.
Forgetful - how is your dd? Is she over the chicken pox yet? At least you've gone one of the illnesses over and done with hey?

Forgetfulmog Mon 17-Jun-13 20:21:58

That's good happy, pleased all seems to be going well.

Thanks for asking smile, she's getting better & her spots are scabbing over nicely. We're back to the old bedtime routine of DH holding her for an hr, then me coming up & taking over. DH is going to take a week off work so we can go for it & get her settled in her own room. Just fingers crossed no more illnesses shock

Forgetfulmog Thu 20-Jun-13 08:02:51

Ok, think we may have hit the point where DH & I are desparate for change.

Dd refuses to go down in her cot now at all, just screams & neither of us have got the energy to peruse it. She's not even sleeping v well in our bed either - can take ages to get her to sleep & then she keeps waking up for feeds/crying.

Primal - you mentioned you were doing a form of cc, did it work? Could you tell me a bit more about it please? Btw, I'm sorry for being judgmental about it before. I just need something to work because neither DH nor I can carry on like this.

happydaze77 Thu 20-Jun-13 14:12:50

Hi again forgetful. I haven't got any useful advice unfortunately but I just wanted to send my support and say don't feel bad about cc. We came very close to trying it.
I read several sleep sites and blogs (haven't we all!) and I some points were well made:
Nobody plans to let their child cry it out."
Anyone who hasn't considered controlled crying simply isn't tired/desperate enough. "
You are the best judge of what is right for your dd, and for your family.

Forgetfulmog Thu 20-Jun-13 14:56:01

Thanks for your support happy. It's just so hard isn't it sometimes? I'm just close to breaking point these days so know it's definately time to do something about it! Dd has got a cold now though (I mean why not! Since her chickenpox is going she needs to have some other illness to contend with!) so know there's no point trying anything atm, but we need to when she's better. I guess that's what being a parent is all about, making hard decisions. Oh & completely agree with what you wrote about cc btw

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