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Nap gloom- 6mo

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okthen Thu 23-May-13 14:20:41

Ds is 6mo and until recently was a fabulous daytime sleeper but crap at night.

Now suddenly he's decent at night but will. not. nap.

On a 'good' day he gets 30-60 mins in the morning, 90 mins after lunch and a brief late aft catnap.

That sounds ok but these naps either start in the cot, where he self settles then wakes up screaming soon afterwards and ends up being rocked in pram. Or they start in pram and involve me found to rock him every 15-20 mins when he wakes up yelling, again and again.

It feels like my whole day is sucked into a black hole of trying to get him to nap. Poor dd (3) doesn't get enough attention, and she picks up on my stress.

There isn't much I can do about it as I have dd to look after, so I can't trudge the streets endlessly with the pram like I did when she was tiny, or spend hours sleep training him in his cot.

I hate how this is making me feel negative towards my gorgeous happy little boy, whom I adore. I'm ashamed to say I have sworn at/about him under my breath a number of times... In the moment of trying to get him back to sleep I feel really cross.

It is making the experience of being at home with two little ones incredibly draining- perhaps even more so than when he had crap nights and good days...

I just need people to tell me that it's a phase and it will pass! Please?!

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