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Would a dummy make life easier?

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oscybella Tue 23-May-06 22:12:57

My 4 month old dd has been an angel baby and was sleeping through at 8 weeks. Has now started waking at about 4 and again about 6. I used to be able to put her down for naps and bed awake and she would just fall asleep but she now always needs to be sucking to drop off. I've been reluctant to use a dummy as ds is still dependant on his at 22 months so she ends up sucking my finger. I was really hoping she would find her thumb but hasn't done yet. Do you think it would solve all my problems to just give her a dummy?

PinkTulips Tue 23-May-06 22:18:22

i gave my dd one as she was a very sucky baby. she's 15 months now and only has it to go to bed with and for naps and it tends to fall out once she hits deep sleep. it certainly hasn't affected her speech, she has tonnes of words for her age and is very chatty and we wouldn't have been able to get her into a night time routine without it. go for it if you think it would help... you only have to let her have it as much as you feel comfortable with.

oscybella Tue 23-May-06 22:29:48

You're right. The mistake I made with ds was giving it to him all the time. If I only use it at sleep times she may not become so attached.

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