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How can I get my ten month old to sleep.

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YoniSingWhenYoureWinning Wed 22-May-13 21:46:20

She is driving me insane. Absolutely insane. I am starting the day before 4am every day and it is killing me. She wakes up my older child who is bursting into tears at school because she is so tired. She has a couple of small sleeps during the day but often only twenty minutes max. I am reaching the point where my heart sinks at the thought of another day with her and I am counting the minutes till I can put her to bed. sad

mikkii Wed 22-May-13 23:05:47

Have you read the contented baby by gina ford? I'm not one for strict routines, but in her book she has a routine which may give you an idea about approximate timings by age.

One of my friends swore no naps after 4.30 to make sure they are tired by bedtime. You don't say if they are sharing a room?

Unfortunately some children don't need as much sleep as we would like.

minipie Thu 23-May-13 08:57:58

She may well be overtired which is causing the early wake ups and short naps.

is there anything that always sends her to sleep - eg the car? pram? co sleeping? if so, can you try using that for a few days to get a couple of 1-2 hr naps into her each day. and early bedtime. if she is overtired, that should help.

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