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Couple of questions about gradual withdrawal

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MB34 Wed 22-May-13 20:37:46

We've been doing this with 6 mo DS for a couple of weeks and are at the sitting by the cot, hand holding stage.

For the past 2 nights he's been great doing this - dropping off at bedtime and when he wakes, up to 5 times a night, this will send him off back to sleep (apart from 2 night feeds at 10/11pm & 2/3am).

My questions are
1. when we move to the next stage of sitting by the cot with no contact, how do I settle him during the night if he doesn't open his eyes to see that I'm there?
2. further down the line, when we get to moving away from the cot - the cot isn't opposite the door so when I move more than 5 foot away I'll be in the wardrobe :-/ or when I'm by/outside the door he won't be able to see me. What do I do then?
3. I do sing twinkle twinkle to him sometimes when settling him to sleep (which seems to calm him), at what stage do I carry this on until?


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