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Desperate - 3 year old waking too early, and day goes downhill from there

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MoragG Wed 22-May-13 14:31:25

Until fairly recently DD1 was always a pretty good sleeper, and slept through until 7 or so. However, for the past couple of months she has been waking around 6 or earlier. Sometimes it is 5.45, sometimes 6.15. Either way, she is not getting enough sleep, as by mid morning she is getting very grumpy, and unless she has a nap she is sometimes in melt down by bed time (asleep by 7.30). Because I am tired too (also have DD2, 5 months, who sometimes wakes in the night, though not always, and sometimes wakes quite early too) I am also not in the best frame of mind, and end up being impatient and cross with her sad

She dropped a day time nap around Christmas time - if she did have even 30 minutes she was awake until 8.30/9 in the evening and kept getting out of bed. So it seemed ok to drop a nap.

The obvious solution might be to reinstate the nap, but this is problematic - she is in nursery 3 days a week, and the 3-5 room do not have a nap. The days she is at home during the week we have activities that happen around 1 o'clock that make it difficult to get her to nap before hand, and after is too late. I could stop these, but she enjoys them, and there are no other times available on the days she is at home. At the weekend she will nap if we are in the car around lunch time.

I know some people will say too bad - a 6 o'clock wake up is normal, and lots of people have worse. But it's too early for DD1. If she just stayed asleep a bit longer I am sure she would be so much happier, and we would not have the kind of miserable days we are having. She is such a different person when she is well rested.

We have tried a Gro Clock, blackout blinds, incentives not to get up etc.. She is not too hot/cold/hungry and she doesn't need the toilet. It's not becasue DD2 is waking her.

Help! Sorry this is so long.

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