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Is 'dropping off' considered the same as self settling?

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LifeOfPee Tue 21-May-13 14:20:24

DS is only 6 weeks so I'm not really expecting great things on the sleep front yet but I understand one of the key things for managing to sleep through the night is the ability to self settle or settle back to sleep without parental help.

So, DS has just fallen asleep in his play nest. I had nothing to do with it. Is this self settling or just nodding off to sleep? Is there a difference? He often drops off without my help like in his bouncy chair or lying on the sofa although it doesn't usually last very long.

DD didn't sleep through til 16 months when I weaned her off the boob at night but I don't remember her ever just dropping off without there either being some feeding/sucking/rocking/sushing/driving involved.

Have I been blessed with a good sleeper? smile <ever so tired but hopeful emoticon>

AutumnMadness Tue 21-May-13 22:30:13

Erm, in my case the babies who randomly "dropped off" on playmats at baby groups were better sleepers than my DS who needed bells, whistles and the shamanic drum to go to sleep. However, he did self-settle at bedtime (just at bedtime, not at any other time day or night!) from about 10 weeks. Did that make him sleep through? No. He woke up a million times and drove me crazy. Started sleeping through regularly only when I weaned him off the boob completely at 23 months.

Sorry, this was a bit unhopeful. sad brew

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