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Advice needed for 12 month old

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Crankyindy Tue 21-May-13 09:35:47

I am after a bit of advice daughter has recently turned one and has previously been an excellent sleeper (she slept all night from around 8 weeks).

She's been in her own room for the past 6 months and slept fine up until a couple of weeks ago when she was really poorly and just wouldn't settle on her own - she'd get upset to the point of almost choking...and so we had her in our bed (controversial I know!) and she would sleep ok with us.

We've tried letting her fall asleep on us in a chair in her room and even letting her fall asleep in her bed and then try returning her to her cot...but as soon as we try and put her down she starts screaming.

I know she's teething at the moment but I can't carry on letting her sleep in our bed as I fear she'll be there until she's 3 years old!

Does anyone have any experience of this and any advice??? Should I just let her cry for a while and tire herself out? How long would you let her cry for?

Any help would be most appreciated - thanks!

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