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Please help me win 6mo Nap Challenge

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ababycalledbrian Mon 20-May-13 14:32:53

My DS has suddenly started giving me a massive b*llocking at nap time and it's not unusual for him to take 45 minutes to settle (often only for a 45 min nap, which in itself is disheartening). He's 6mo but after only 90mins awake shows tired signs so I give him a top up feed (he's ebf) and pop him in his cot with a dummy. Previously he'd chunter and coo for a bit and I'd have to go back in a few times to reapply the dummy but he'd go to sleep without really crying. Suddenly though he's started getting really worked up when I try to leave the room and wants to hold onto my hand, though that in itself doesn't seem to actually send him to sleep - just shuts him up for a bit.

Basically I can't work out if I'm putting him down too early (he looks v awake in the cot often but he's definitely showing tired signs after 90mins awake). I can't believe I'm putting him down too late - babies his age are supposed to do 2-2.5hrs awake between naps aren't they? He's just cut his first 2 teeth and I don't think it's that any more as I don't get the sense they are causing him discomfort in the way they were last week.

Any suggestions very gratefully received. It's getting me down, exacerbated by the fact I've moved to a new place and don't really know anyone so not many people I can go to see to cheer myself up and laugh about it.

minipie Mon 20-May-13 21:09:45

I would try leaving 2 hours or even 2 hr 15 until his first nap of the day and see if he settles easier. 90 mins does sound v quick. My DD sometimes shows tired signs but then bounces back and isn't really ready for a nap till later?

spacegirl81 Mon 20-May-13 21:18:51

My little boy is 7 months and had a nap after 2 hours of being awake (normally 8am) for about an hour then will nap at lunchtime for couple of hours. Is he on solids? smile

BotBotticelli Mon 20-May-13 21:21:33

Also, might depend on the time of DS (6mo next week) can only stay awake for 90 mins at a time in the morning, whereas seems quite capable of doing 2.5 hours in the afternoon.

He only ever naps for 45 mins tops and if we're out it's often more like 30 mins (boy oh boy he fights it in the buggy!). So we have a daft routine -entirely of DS's design where he has 2 naps in the morning, awake for 90 mins in between them, and then 2 naps in the afternoon, with 2-2.5 hours awake in between them.

Sorry if that's not helpful but just am observation...might be worth leaving him awake longer in the afternoon and see if that helps?

Also, think 6 months is a classic time for separation anxiety to kick in so might be that? Have you heard of The Wonder Weeks?? Think there is a time of dramatic mental development at around 26 weeks which is characterised by excessive clingy ness, crankiness and crying...could be that? My DS ha been terrible during all the previous wonder weeks so I am not looking forward to this next one!

ababycalledbrian Mon 20-May-13 21:53:43

Thanks all - helpful ideas. I think I will man up and try to push him a bit more between naps. It's just that he's bloody hard work when he's cranky (aren't they all) so the temptation to start the nap routine is strong given that it looks like tiredness...
I should have said that yes, in the afternoon he can do 3 hours between final nap and bath - he's ragingly tired but still manages to be smiley in the bath and conks out pretty easily when put down. Just typing that makes me think that perhaps I should push him more in the daytime. I guess I've just read so much about not letting your baby get over-tired that perhaps I'm overcompensating. I'll give it a go. (Only just started solids today so don't think that's a factor)

spacegirl81 Mon 20-May-13 21:57:19

You might find he naps longer once he's on solids grin

LovelyWeatherForDucks Tue 21-May-13 04:01:42

My 7 month old seemed to switch from 90 mins awake to 2 hours practically overnight, at 6 months or so, so yes try stretching his awake time a bit and he might surprise you smile

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