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Feeding to sleep when baby is formula fed?

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roamingwest Sun 19-May-13 16:35:15

My DD is 16 weeks, has been EBF but I'm planning to switch her to formula / bottles in about 4 weeks (after a holiday abroad) as I'm going back to work. I'd dearly love to continue the bedtime/ nightime bf but am petrified of reverse cycling so am undecided what to do re nighttime feeding.

Her sleep is v tolerable at the moment (dream feed with bottle at 11ish, usually wakes around 4 for a quick feed then up anytime between 6-7 although was 7.50 today!!), but she does take ages to settle, with bedtime routine starting at 6.30ish. She'll then feed / suck for at least 1.5 - 2 hours before finally drifting off around 8. I put her down drowsy then pat / shush to sleep.

So, following switching daytime feeds to bottles, if I switch the bedtime feed, what is likely to happen? Should I keep giving her more and more milk in the bottle til she falls asleep (is this counted as 'on demand' feeding, or will I end up with a fat baby?!) Should I just give her her allocated no of oz (acc. to guides related to weight / age etc) then try to rock to sleep (doesn't work!). She obviously needs to suck but has never wanted a dummy (high arched palate which was tongue tie related apparently means she can't suck one?) and although has found her hands they don't seem to be enough for her to truly self soothe....

Any advice would be great as I don't want to end up breastfeeding at night purely by default and due to lack of knowledge of alternative routes if you know what I mean smile.

rootypig Mon 20-May-13 09:39:42

Replying to bump and watch with interest - have 6mo who has gradually moved to FF over the last month, she is a night waker and always fed on demand. Now waking in the night and not settling until she has a bottle. A bit of reverse cycling I think. Hoping someone with FF wisdom comes along soon!

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