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18 week old, hardly sleeping, constantly feeding arghhh!

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TwentyTinyToes Sun 19-May-13 00:47:04

DD is 18 weeks old and for the past three nights her sleep has been utterly horrendous, she has taken to feeding constantly until around 1am, she then sleeps to 3am, she then wants to feed for an hour or two and then has another hour around 4.30ish. Early evening she often has 45 minutes tonight around 11pm, sometimes around 9pm. That is it!

Prior to the last three nights her sleep has been usual for her age, multiple wakings but usually settled, cluster feeding all evening etc. She is my second baby and her brother was pretty terrible and at 2.4 is often up, starts the day around 5.30 and has dropped all naps.

It is probably relevant that she has been really unwell with d&v, lasted for 10 days and was quite dehydrated .

She has been feeding non stop in the daytime too, wondered if my supply has dipped because when she was unwell she had less milk, wondered if she is just starving because she has been ill, wondered about a growth spurt.

Daytime sleep is usually ok but have really struggled last few days, i was sure she was overtired so really tried hard with naps, she had a 2 hour sleep with grandad, 1.5 hours in the car and 1 hour in the buggy. Does not seem to make any difference and with a toddler in tow unmanageable for any length of time.

Any ideas? I am just so tired and fed up. sad

lazzaroo Sun 19-May-13 07:46:12

Growth spurt combined with 4month sleep regression? We had pretty horrid time a few weeks ago with loads of waking & feeding. At 20 weeks now & things are settling down again. Hope it passes soon for you!

BedHanger Sun 19-May-13 07:54:58

Four month sleep regression. Check out the Wonder Weeks website - the Leap of Events takes place around this time. Was your DD a few days early?

TwentyTinyToes Sun 19-May-13 08:30:53

She was on her due date although i was induced. I did wonder about sleep regression and i remember DS was pretty bad at all the usual sleep regression points. But last night her total sleep for the night was just over 3 hours and she is not interested in a nap this morning. Surely she can't keep this up for any length of time can she?

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