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Only sleeping on me after initially settling

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shop1909 Sat 18-May-13 06:49:02

DS is nearly 8mo. I BF him to sleep 8.30-9.30 ish depending on his mood/ last nap and he settles in cot no problem. He wakes 1.30-2.30 for a feed and settles again fine. He used to to then sleep through but recently he's started waking again between 4-6 and then he will settle back to sleep (often without being fed fed with rocking/cuddle)but as soon as he's put down wakes up screaming. I can handle 6, even 5, but 4 is just too early to start my day! He's still tired I assume from how he'll sleep on me/DH? I'm really not comfortable with co-sleeping (also now he's in his own room I would rather not start now having got this far) and too much of a whimp for CC. I'm going back to work temporarily to work my notice soon so would really like to crack this. Any ideas anyone?

shop1909 Sat 18-May-13 07:50:16

Having read some other threads please don't hate me ladies I appreciate I'm lucky honest!!

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