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Who doesn't have set sleep times??

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CarlyRose80 Fri 17-May-13 22:15:13

Hi. Is it just me or does anyone else have nap times that are inconsistent? Which then affects bed time.
LO 5 months generally naps ok, 2 hours after waking up he will go back down. On a good day he will have 2 hours but this isn't always to rule and can have much less which then puts the rest of the day out. Today his last map was 4.40, waking at 6. Back to bed by 8. Where as other days he's awake from his afternoon nap at 4 and just about sees it out till 7 (what I would call bed time)
If I don't have to do the school run when hubby is around days generally go ok and he's in bed for 7 but when I have to do it both ways his naps are disturbed therefore messing the whole day up. Does it matter when he naps and actually goes to bed? If its different times each day does it have any effect further down the line. Sorry for the long one lol xx

WillYouDoTheVikivaki Fri 17-May-13 22:38:20

My DS was 5 months yesterday and is exactly the same. At the minute his bedtime is currently pushing back towards 10pm though confused. I shall watch with interest for replies

CarlyRose80 Fri 17-May-13 22:40:35

It's mad, today I had to do school run so had to wake him from his nap at 3.30. Too long to last till 7pm bedtime so had to nap again at nearly gone 6 so of course bed time is pushed back. If I didn't have school run be would have slept maybe another hour and 7pm bedtime is more likely. I hope we get a good response also. Options and views would be great.

BotBotticelli Sat 18-May-13 09:58:41

My days with DS are v similar although. I dont have any older DCs so don't have that excuse for the chaos! He usually only naps for 45 minutes tops at any time in the day, so if he wakes at 0550am one day (booooo!) and 0715 the next day (yay!!!) it throws out his whole routine by over an hour, and nap failures/randome long naps when I'm lucky also have a effect.

As he is creeping towards 6 months I am try as a general rule not to let him start a nap after 5pm...and even then I would only let him have 30 mins as would start clattering around at 5.30pm...basically cos I want him in bed by 7.30pm latest!!

So if we have a day when he wakes up from a nap at 3pm I would try to put him down for a quick nap at 5pm. If he wakes up any time after 3pm, I would try to keep him up till bedtime, but would bring bedtime right forward and put him to bed at 1815 if necessary - doesn't seem to affect his wake p time in the morning.

But this only works if he has had a good hour's sleep for the nap which finished just after 3. If it was only a 30 minute nap, I would probably try putting him down at 1630, as the length of time Es capable of staying awake seems directly related to how long the nap was, if that makes sense?

Basically OP, the answer is: yes, our days are unpredictable chaos and the naps vary wildly in their time/duration every day! The only thing that's certain is is goes down 2 hours after he first wakes...after that it's all crazy!

CarlyRose80 Sat 18-May-13 14:15:36

Lmao. That's us to a t. So glad I'm not alone. And yes it all makes sense lol

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