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Please make me feel something good has come of this!

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Molehillmountain Thu 16-May-13 17:55:28

Dd2 has been a shocking sleeper since three and a half months (before which we had the bliss of ten unbroken hours) and I am just about losing my marbles. I have two other dc aged seven and four, dh is great but out of the house seven til six and I am just feeling grim at the moment. Oh-and the other two are very often up at 5.30, rarely much after six. Dd2 feeds at night and in the early morning and I feel glad of three hours unbroken sleep. She's now 22 months.
I'm rubbish at any kind of crying, controlled or otherwise and at the moment my body clings to sleep so strongly that any kind of plan is hard to follow through.
But I can't really cope in the day and feel I need to do something or its really going to fall apart, especially since I'll need to go back to some kind of work soon.
Please just tell me something good will have come of co sleeping and feeding otherwise I might just give up the remaining dregs of my sanity.
Open to being told to get a plan and if so,open to suggestion!

nextphase Thu 16-May-13 21:06:19

Was going to suggest co-sleeping!

Could DH get up with the early risers a couple of mornings a week, and do breakfast for them and him, leaving you and baby sleeping til 7? Obviously thats not going to work when you go back to work! The other thing that made a massive difference to me was a sat morning when I would feed, and then DH took baby away for 4 blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep. He basically did breakfast and clothes, and then went out.

You ARE doing what is right for your baby. FWIW, my co-sleeping, bf baby is now a 4 year old who has been sleeping through reasonably reliably for about a year now. I still end up in bed with him maybe once a week, but thats me and him in the spare bed, and he's much less wiggly now!

Suggestion for doing? Would she co sleep with DH? And so do a form of night weaning?

I felt much better if I could get 4 hrs straight sleep. Any way of just stretching it that extra hour?

Plan? I muddled through, but telling DS1 that Mummy and Daddy needed sleep so they would be less cross and grumpy, and if |Mummy and Daddy got more sleep, they would be better at doing fun things worked - he slept through for the first time that night........ Think he might have been a little older, but it might be worth trying.

nextphase Thu 16-May-13 21:07:13

Oh, and read this

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