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OH BOLLOX, am i making the same sleep mistakes again? i will throw myself under a bus if i am..

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nananaps Thu 16-May-13 12:42:04

DS slept through the night aged 5. He was at school.

My new baby is 4 months old.
According to baby centre, he shuld be sleeping through. He isnt.

He is breastfed, needs 2-4 feeds through the night. Tends to wake for the day at 5.45 each morning.
Naps, does not sleep in the day.

HV says to expect a full night when weaning from 6 months.

I literally CANT go through the sleep torture again.

Is my boy not going to sleep like DS1?

MoreSnowPlease Thu 16-May-13 12:49:48

I would work on the naps if I were you. I think in most cases naps mean better night sleep, but every baby is different and all that!

If it makes you feel any better you are doing better than me. DS is 10 months and wakes about 8 times at night (breastfeeding and bedsharing)

I honestly think each baby is different and so wouldn't expect the same to happen. 2-4 times a night is good going at 4 months, but why do you think he doesn't nap?

There have to be extreme ends of the scale for there to be an average and actually I think especially when breastfeeding it is completely normal for babies to wake frequently. Check out the Isis website and stay away from babycentre smile

SpottyTeacakes Thu 16-May-13 12:56:04

I agree can you work on the naps? Two hours max after waking he should be ready to sleep. I would do anything you can.

Fwiw ds is 5.5 months and wakes at least three times a night to feed. They're still young smile I find it better to have a plan....keep going as we are until fully weaned. If still waking more than twice consider some gentle sleep training ie seeing if he will settle without being fed etc. Tgats my plan anyway smile

nananaps Thu 16-May-13 13:15:44

hmm see thats what i thought..normal. But a friend recommended babycentre so i had a look.

naps every 2-3 hours as you say, sleeps for 20-30 minutes thats all, usually during a feed.

We have a loose bedtime routine, he then sleeps for a block of 5-6 hours which i think is fantastic. Last night he went down at 9, woke at 2 then 5.45...again, fanastic!

BLAHHHH to bloody babycentre!

SpottyTeacakes Thu 16-May-13 13:20:50

I'm envy of all your sleep!! Last night ds went down at 6:45 woke at 11 (amazing!) 1:30, 4 and up at 7 (again amazing!).

Ds's naps are hit and miss especially as he will only sleep on his tummy even in his pushchair hmm

I think it's easier to get a nap routine going once they're weaning and having regular meals smile

nananaps Thu 16-May-13 13:43:53

I know spottyteacakes i am shock myself as ds1 woke hourly till he was well over 1. I fully expected the same this time round.

Little dude is doing really well...which of course means that i feel great as i go to bed when he does, anything from 8-10pm. I get a solid 5-6 undisturbed sleep which is fantastic.

During growth spurts, he will need feeding every 2-2.5 hours day & night.

SpottyTeacakes Thu 16-May-13 13:51:32

Ds and dd have both been asleep for ninety minutes shock will pay for it tonight with dd though.

Your ds2 already seems to be a batter sleeper than ds1 though so I'm sure you be fine.

(Also I think baby centre is American where most babies are ff? I could be wrong, no judging wink)

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