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Night weaning - am I doing the right thing?

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MB34 Wed 15-May-13 10:41:32

My DS is 6 months. At first he was an ok sleeper - bf at 11pm, 2am, 4/5am, didn't wake at any other times and had no trouble going back to sleep.

Around 5 mo, he started waking up about 10 times a night, not always wanting a feed, sometimes cry/scream, sometimes not. It was draining! I read 'No Cry Sleep Solution' and while I'm not fully following it, I have loosely implemented some of the suggestions such as taking him off me when his feeding slows/sleep associations.

A week ago, I decided to just offer milk twice a night and see how that was. This is how it went
Asleep by 7pm
7.30pm awake and screaming - fell asleep being rocked for 40 mins by DH
9pm awake and screaming - fell asleep being rocked for 10 mins by DH
11pm Awake, feed, sleep
2.30 Awake, wriggling, protesting (not screaming), fell asleep being rocked, pick up, put down, shushed, patted by me and DH after 1 hr
4.15 Awake, a little cry, feed, sleep
6am Awake
8am Feed

The next night was roughly the same but only screamed for about 20 mins between bed and 11pm and awake for 15 mins at 2.15am.

Been roughly the same since, but the last couple of days after his 4am feed, he doesn't want another feed until 9/10am!

Would I be wrong in thinking that if I didn't feed at 11pm and did at 1am instead, then that period of not feeding (4am-9/10am) may be pushed back to 1am-6/7am?

Another train of thought I had was that maybe I shouldn't feed him at all after 11pm as he is waking up afterwards not knowing whether he's going to be fed or not so it is confusing for him.

Thank you for reading this far. Please give me your thoughts and opinions on this as I'm stuck as to what to do next.

Sleepybunny Wed 15-May-13 10:55:49

Similar problem here 6 month old alway been a rubbish sleeper but I always fed on demand even if she's demanding and not really hungry!

I'm planning on trying to cut down on the night time feeds. Just now she wakes 11pm, 2am, 4am and then 5am sometimes then awake for the day about 6am (and not hungry either at 6!!)

Thought I'd start by allowing her to feed upto midnight as she can take a significant feed at these times. Then cuddles, shush/pat, dummy between midnight and 4am.

If I can at least get some sleep 3-4hours at this time it would be so much better.

I hate the idea of sleep training, I just think I don't care if she wakes and needs me, I'm not going anywhere so happy to reassure her. But its really wearing me down now and just think we need a bit of balance!

No great solutions sorry, I've just been praying shell magically stop doing it one day.

MB34 Wed 15-May-13 21:17:24

Thanks for the reply, that's what I've been hoping - that he'll magically go back to how he was, dropping a few night feeds along the way.

I may try that - feed up to midnight then see what he does. I really don't mind if he fed a couple of times a night and slept though the rest but waking 10 times...I can't function on the days he does that and I'm starting to suffer health wise due to lack of sleep.

goes to bed repeating 'This too shall pass' lol!

CarlyRose80 Wed 15-May-13 21:38:21

It does pass. My LO was waking every hour for 5 weeks and I was beside myself. Now touch wood we are back to one feed and some general waking for dummy maybe 2 times all night. So there is light at the end of the tunnel and I never thought there was x

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