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9mth old, odd sleeping?

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melonribena Tue 14-May-13 09:29:13

My 9 mth old ds, exclusively breastfed with a tongue and lip tie, fed constantly for the first 4 mths, only slept on me etc has never been the best sleeper.

After some work, he now settles in his cot for three naps a day, with a light projector and me holding his hand. This is great!

However, at night, he settles in the cot fine, but wakes after 45 mins, has a good feed, goes back to sleep, wakes again for another feed after another 45 mins!

I then go to bed myself and bring him in with me, he then sleeps until 1ish when he has a short feed then sleeps till 6.30 ish when he's awake for the day.

I don't mind co sleeping but would love to get him to sleep longer in his cot without me and also without feeding so I can attempt an evening out!

Is this a weird slept pattern? Any ideas how I can break it without resorting to cc or cio?

melonribena Thu 16-May-13 21:08:55


Laradaclara Tue 28-May-13 23:18:53

My DD did this up until recently when she suddenly started staying asleep until we went to bed. Currently she won't go to bed but that is another story! Other than that the pattern sounds similar so perhaps he will work it out himself soon and you'll get some evening back again.

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