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Just 2 yo waking in the night

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LittleMilla Sat 11-May-13 20:46:33

Anyone else..?

Good sleeper normally, goes down ok-ish about 7.30am and wakes up 6-6.30. Started asking for the door open when he goes down, but aside from that he's being ok.

Last few nights he's woken at varying times and wanted to sleep in our bed. Nothing else will do and he wakes up when transferred back. We're normally pretty tough with him but god, he's being insistent that he wants in with us. I went in to spare room with him last night as dh was pissed. But unsure of tactics for tonight if he wakes up!?!?!

cathan Sun 12-May-13 15:15:34

Try not to let him in your bed - thin edge of wedge. Also sleeping in the spare room ... ditto! I'm wondering, given his age, whether he might be having nightmares or night terrors? My DD began to have disturbed nights at around this age (having been a good sleeper previously). With her, we eventually worked out that she was having nightmares. I talked with her about dreams and how they're not real etc and we gave her a nightlight which also helped. I still had to calm her down sometimes, but I did it in her bedroom and kept it brief and eventually it stopped. Hope this helps.

LittleMilla Sun 12-May-13 20:07:36

Thanks Cathan. He explained to me in pigeon toddler last night that the door must stay open. We've been pulling it to when going to bed and I wonder if he's getting scared when stirring. His language, imagination and everything comms has come on leaps and bounds recently and so nightmares make sense.

Left the door wise open last night and he slept until 7am, so who knows? I'm 30 weeks pg and so really not looking to start bed sharing now having managed two years without it!

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