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'Angel baby' - sleep regression!!

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stowsettler Thu 09-May-13 10:15:57

DD is now 10 weeks. Around 7-9 weeks we had a good long stretch of her sleeping through the night. Recently she's been waking again and this was because she was getting bigger and needing a bit more food than she was getting during the day. So, we introduced a feed at 11pm. We plan for this to become a dream feed, but are currently waking her to ensure she gets a decent amount and so that she becomes used to feeding at this time again.

However she's still waking up at some point between 2.30-4.30am. She most definitely is NOT hungry, she clearly just wants to play, the little minx. I'm just going to her in the dark, putting her dummy in and going back to bed. No eye contact, hardly any talking etc. But the dummy, whilst being a useful tool to shut her up, is becoming a problem in itself, because she's a bit too small to pick it up when she drops it. Consequently I'm getting up a couple more times to put it in her mouth before she goes back to sleep.

So, my question is this:- should I persevere with the dummy? After all, it won't be that long before she can find it herself. Or, do I ditch the dummy and do PUPD or something similar? This is compounded by DP, who is INCREDIBLY precious about his sleep. I don't think he realises how lucky he's been so far, but he can't take the sound of her crying (actually it's squawking, she's not really crying in distress, just boredom). But his attitude makes me shy away from PUPD because of the noise. The other problem is we take it in turns to do the nights (very lucky that I can do this) and I'm not sure he has the strength to keep getting up and returning the dummy to her mouth.

Or does anyone have a better idea (please God!).

Sorry this is so long. Advice much, much appreciated.

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