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Beaker of water in cot at night?

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Thurlow Tue 07-May-13 15:09:49

Just wondered if anyone does this or it's just a stupid idea? 15mo has a bad cough, she's been waking about an hour earlier than usual the past few days. This morning while we were downstairs heating her breakfast milk early, she spotted her beaker, asked for it, and drank about half the cup so I thought - ah-ha, she's just thirsty! (Feeling a bit bad about this actually as she's been coughing all night, of course she's thirsty blush)

Did anyone else leave a non-spill beaker of plain water in their DC's cot at this age? And did your DC realise it was there?

MNPin2013 Tue 07-May-13 16:13:27

I do for dcharge who is almost 7m and when she wakes early and finds it she is most thrilled.

All wakings at night involve her beaker being offered and put away out of eyeline once she has had as much as she wanted.

Thurlow Fri 10-May-13 14:00:19

Thanks MN. She rarely wakes at night unless she is ill or in pain, so I'm hoping she will realise that the water is there if she wakes an hour or so early and is just thirsty. I'm just wondering if I am missing some sort of choking risk at all?

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