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2.6yo waking upto 6 times a night

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lollipoppi Sun 05-May-13 15:50:11


DS is 2.6 and has always been a fantastic sleeper, 7-7 no probs, but since putting him in a new bedroom and "big boy" bed he is getting up in the night upto 6 times hmm
He will come in my bedroom and I take him straight back to bed. If I put the baby gate up he just stands and cries.

I also have a 14wk old baby, she isn't waking him up in the night as its usually when she is sound asleep

I'm exhausted, with night feeds and getting up to put DS back to bed, it's getting beyond a joke, I've hit a wall, I'm snappy, and DS is so moody in the day because he is so tired (as am I)

I'm getting no sleep, I find it hard to drift back off after being up, and if I do I get woken up 10 mins later by either DS or DD

Pleas whelp m

lollipoppi Sun 05-May-13 15:51:14

Ha ha, please whelp me?? Stoopid phone!

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