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Really inconsisent Sleep with my 1yr old DD....please help, any advice appreciated!

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Lozzy21 Sun 05-May-13 12:42:08

Hello there

This is my very first post but from lots of lurking and reading on here, I'm hoping some of you wise mumsnetters could help me out. Bit of background:

My DD just turned 1 last week...she's never been an amazing sleeper with patches of good sleep (for a very short time I hasten to add) followed by much longer patches of bad nights!. She currently has 2x naps a day - the first being 3 hours after waking (usually around 10am until around 12ish) and then another hour from 3.30pm - 4.30pm (unless we are out and about as she is very much a nosey pants and will fight sleep in this case!) oh how I wish I had a baby that would sleep whenever and wherever like so many of my friends children did!.

Bedtime routine has always been the same - bath at 7pm, milk and cuddles and in cot for 8pm. Until last week, we would put her down still awake with her lullaby glow worm playing and within 5 minutes she was asleep...she has now started to scream blue murder with full on tears when we put her down and will do so for up to an hour on some occassions - we keep going back in,giving her a blankie and reassuring her but alas...I digress, that is something we seem to be getting on top of. The main issue we have is every other night she is waking anytime between midnight and 1am screaming and crying - we do the above little mantra (blankie, dummy, shushing then leave the room) the crying gets so out of control that after 15 minutes of this we have caved in and brought her into bed with us. Again, we can cope with this (although not ideal long term I know) but then she often wakes again in our bed around 3am and decides it is fun time! Lots of babbling,rolling around, pulling hair etc....its simply exhausting as this can go on hours until eventually, me or DP give in and take DD into living room and put in the night garden on! She will then get back to sleep after another hour so and a cuddle.

Hope you're keeping up (sorry this is so long just wanted to give you the full picture). The strange thing though is that it happens on alternate nights - same naps and routine EVERY day and yet last night the above happened whereas tonight, she will go down and sleep a good 10-11 is a complete mystery and I can't understand what's going on in her little head!

Has anyone got any experience of this or any ideas/advice to share on how to prevent this from keep happening? Its really weird because its so inconsisent and not happening every night...just every other!

Big apologies for my lengthy post - Any help would be very much appreciated :-)

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