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Please reassure me

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MB34 Fri 03-May-13 22:46:25

DS is 5.5 months, he normally sleeps (waking every 2-3hrs) on his back in a side car cot until about 3/4am when he won't go back to sleep, so I cuddle him in bed with me where he seems happiest on his side (just me and him in a double bed) and I don't get much sleep after this.

Tonight, he was having a bad time going to sleep so decided to try him in his cot. There's been a bit of a crying, picking up, cuddling, putting down routine but twice he's fallen asleep on his side, with his legs up (like the fetal position).

Is this an ok position for him to be left in all night? The mattress which we bought new from mothercare - seems quite bouncy although it's not memory foam. He can't roll onto his tummy yet and when we do tummy time he's not quite able to put his arms under his head but he can lift and move his head.

I'm worried that I'll be up all night worrying or worse, I'll be asleep from sleep depravation and won't know if anything has happened!

MalcolmTuckersMyHero Fri 03-May-13 22:59:37

He'll be totally fine op, but you're not alone in being worried. He's most likely to roll onto his back when sleeping on his side and if he does go onto his tummy he'll cry if he's not happy (they usually have their arms tucked up and head tilted so not a total mattress face plant!). My DS was just the same, nearly 8 months now, still put him down on his back, he rolls instantly in his side and invariably ends up on his tummy. You're bound to have a crap night's sleep regardless, but he'll be fine, so just try and get as comfy as he no doubt will smile

MB34 Fri 03-May-13 23:19:16

Thank you! Good to know that he's most likely to roll on his back - I'm hoping that his legs will be hunched up all night to stop him from going on his tummy too.

I can go to bed now...but whether I sleep or not is another question lol!

PoppyWearer Fri 03-May-13 23:21:36

My DC2 was always happiest on his side and now (20mo sleeps on his front mostly. Am sure all will be well. Hope you get a good night!

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