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2.4yo waking up and yelling every night - on our knees

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needasilverlining Fri 03-May-13 06:47:10

DS2 has been a really good sleeper for a long time - 2hr nap in the morning, bed at 8pm and asleep straight away, through till nearly 7am.

It was lovely.

BUT the last couple of weeks he's been waking between 2-4am, calling for us and refusing to go back to sleep. He demands to get up, have breakfast, 'come in YOUR bed', anything he can think of and tells us he doesn't like the cot or his sleeping bag.

We are getting a bit desperate and don't know what to do - if we don't stay with him he yells and cries which is horrible, but also disturbs the neighbours and DS1 (5).

Any thoughts for what we can try?

TeddingtonsMarchingBand Fri 03-May-13 07:05:47

Could he drop the nap?
Or time for a big boy bed?
Sticker chart for no shouting all night with a prize for x stickers?
Does he settle if you let him in your bed at 4am?
Sympathies, been there and got the T shirt.

lollipoppi Sun 05-May-13 15:55:03

Just started the same thread, I have the exact same problem hmm
DS is waking upto 6 times a night. Crying for no reason or coming into my room trying to get into bed
If I ask him why he is upset he just cries even more, I'm exhausted (also have a 14wk old baby)
Sorry I've no advise, your not alone x

emmyloo2 Mon 06-May-13 07:48:20

Same issue here with 2.5 year old. At least once a night calls out for us or appears in our room and then inevitably wakes at 5.30am. I have tried everything. I don't think leaving to cry helps at all. We just consistently put him back in his bed with the message that he is not to come out again until morning time. We don't let him in our bed because I suspect we would never get him out. He also often asks for a drink of water which I think he uses as an excuse.

I am just crossing my fingers that is a phase. I am 37.5 weeks pregnant as well and am absolutely shattered. God knows how we will cope when the baby is born. I am terrified.

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