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Solved one problem, created another!!

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pantsjustpants Wed 01-May-13 14:59:49

My 15mth ds has always been a rubbish sleeper. He co-slept, ebf and had silent reflux. His favourite place to sleep was on his tummy on my chest as a tiny!

He progressed to his cot with many night-time wakings to bf. Over Easter weekend we took inspiration from the C4 sleep program and dh slept on his bedroom floor for a few nights so we could stop the waking for bm. This was really successful!! To my amazement he wasn't madly bothered.

So, now we have him in his own room, in a cot, still waking once/twice a night and sometimes more if his teeth are bad, but settling straight away after being shushed and tucked in. But, ever since we did the "training" he's been waking up early, coming in with us and bf'ing constantly. If it's before 5am, dh tries to get him down again, but this only last 15-30 mins and then he's up and yelling. I can't leave him to tell as I have a 6yr old dd who really needs to sleep, plus I don't like it.
Does anyone have any advice? I'm totally exhausted and bickering with dh as he thinks the answer to everything is to stop bf'ing.

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