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from co sleeping to own room.. 2 year please!

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chloeb2002 Wed 01-May-13 04:14:47

I do love co sleeping but with a new dc of 7 weeks old, i would rather dd slept in her own room! she is two years old. She has a toddler bed, with some persuasion she will go to sleep in her own room, but wakes up at about 11 pm and screams till i get her, she has a baby gate on her door as she wanders all night given the choice and wakes up everyone else in the house!
Currently i bring her into our room when she wakes up as 'so totally exhausted that i have no energy to sit with her for an hour! dh also works long hard hours and i feel bad if he has to sit there ( he is often away during the week too) I tried last week getting her to settle by her self.. after 3 hours and 10 mls of phenergan as she has lots of mossie bites! ( we live in brisbane) she only gave up when dh came home and sat with her. she then woke up again.. at 11 pm.. grrrr. I am tempted to put a mattress on the floor by her baby gate and one on her bed ( I have two) so when she wakes up she isn't on the hard wood floor and she can tbh.. suck it up! She is going through a big manipulation type phase at the mo, when she comes into our room she laughs for example.. she missed swimming thsi week as she was a bit unwell and cracked it about going in so i said we will miss it.. she then again starts to laugh! grrrr.
so am i cruel and mean if i leave her to go the Fook back to sleep.. will she eventually work out that she has to? or will she just scream every night forever? any suggestions appreciated..

Thumbwitch Wed 01-May-13 04:24:12

Do you know why she is waking at 11? Is she thirsty, in need of a wee, too cold/hot, what is it? What times does she go to bed in the evening?
I think if you can crack her waking at 11pm, then you'll find the rest is a lot easier (stating the bleedin' obvious).

What are the light levels like in her room - do you switch the lights off completely once she is asleep? If not, try that for starters.

chloeb2002 Wed 01-May-13 09:53:43

Bed time is 7;30.. I am putting her ins sleeping bag tonight as it is cooler now. She does like the dark better will go and put the night light out. No real reason.. Comes to our room n laughs at us.. Then asleep!

Dorisday13 Wed 01-May-13 10:48:04

I have no experience of this but just thinking when she falls asleep can you carry her through (asleep) and put her back in her own bed? I remember my parents doing this with my youngest brother x

chloeb2002 Thu 02-May-13 03:51:45

I guess on the sleep front I am some what anxious and mixed up! DS has special needs ( aged 5 now) he was and still is the worst sleeper. he takes melatonin to go to sleep and will re take during the night to go to sleep again. dd aged 10 sleeps well! ds saw a sleep dr at one point who was most unhelpful, she did however tell us that where a child falls asleep is where they will wake up. This appears to have been true for us. I don't know really if i should stop stressing. enjoy the new bub and just let her come on back into our room when she wakes. I figure maybe she will get a bit older and sleep through! (no idea) ds at least stays in his own room now. the wonderful dr was dead against co sleeping and maybe this has now clouded my feelings and thoughts, she just told me that kids will never sleep on there own if they co sleep unless you make them. Dh had to fly to sydney at 4 30 this morning after returning home late last night so we relented and ds slept with us again as she refused to settle in her room. my ds' s neurologist suggested trying to give dd some of ds's melatonin.. may try that if all else fails, just to get a routine.. do i sound completely confused..

5madthings Thu 02-May-13 04:48:58

Can you put her bed in your room or make her a little bed next to.your bed?

I co slept with all mine and we have a toddler bed next to.our bed, so they transitioned to that and then to their own room.

Dorisday13 Thu 02-May-13 06:57:35

As an ex cosleeping child (my brothers also coslept too) we all definitely learnt to sleep on our own in our own time (I was the longest aged 3 I think) my brothers were sooner! Mum just said until we were ready it was all a pointless battle anyway!! I'm now cosleeping with my 6mo and I think she'll be like me, all attempts to affect a change have been x

chloeb2002 Thu 02-May-13 07:33:39

I tried the bed next to ours.. she just climbed into our bed! She is persistant.. I maybe need to accept that she is just two and will get there.

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