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Anyone else's 7m old drop down to one nap a day?

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bobsnotabuilder Tue 30-Apr-13 21:50:40

DD's morning nap has got so short it is now at 10-15mins and even then I have to force it on her by pushing her pushchair over cobbled streets!!

I'm thinking of bringing lunch forward a bit and putting her down afterwards for her afternoon nap.

Anyone else's 7m old drop down to one nap?

DS had two up until 13/14 months!

omama Fri 03-May-13 21:40:50

Sounds very young to me, are you sure she's not fighting sleep from being overtired? How long is she awake in the morning before her first nap? Can you post what a typical full day looks like for her?

CreatureRetorts Fri 03-May-13 21:42:02

Maybe you need to tweak the timings?

phnarphnarphnar Fri 03-May-13 21:45:57

Ok here is her routine now with one nap:

Bottle 6am back to sleep until 8am
Lunch at 11.30am
Nap 12-2 ish
Afternoon bottle 3pm
Dinner 5pm
Bed 7pm

She has never been a daytime napper and it has always been a total nightmare trying to get her to sleep during the day. A walk in the pushchair always used to do the trick but the last week or so it hasn't worked - walk around for an hour and still wide awake looking about. Even if she has been awake for 3.5-4hrs. I can recognise over-tired signs and she isn't. She just isn't bloody tired!! Apparently I was the same as a baby... So different to her brother who was and still is a seriously good sleeper!

phnarphnarphnar Fri 03-May-13 21:46:21

Sorry it is the OP here - have namechanged.

phnarphnarphnar Fri 03-May-13 21:47:15

I missed out breakfast on her schedule! She does have breakfast too!

CreatureRetorts Fri 03-May-13 21:49:33

Maybe the morning wake at 6am then back to sleep is her morning nap - she might be sleeping in too long in the morning.

If you got her up at 6am maybe she'd have a morning nap at 9?

omama Sat 04-May-13 12:06:29

Agree. Sleeping in til 8 means she's unlikely to be ready for a nap at the usual 9-9.30am. If she is happy on this new routine then leave her be, if you start getting very short nap at lunchtime or very disturbed night sleep (particularly in first few hours after bedtime) &/or early waking its a sign she's getting overtired & i would reinstate the morning nap. If she copes ok she's obviously one of the minority who drop to 1 nap very young!

BlingLoving Sat 04-May-13 20:08:14

Ds dropped his second nap quite early although for a while we had to make lunch later as he would sleep at about 11-1300. If she's sleeping till 8 am I think at 7 months it's not unreasonable to have one long mi day nap, but you may need to bring bed time forward a little.

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