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Arms Reach Co-sleeper

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crikeybadger Mon 29-Apr-13 16:06:22

Am considering getting this co sleeper for baby number 4. I co -slept previously but feel things might be a bit easier if we buy this co-sleeper.

Anyway, the reviews I've read are generally positive, apart from the quality of the mattress. So was wondering if anyone had any experience of it and if it is sufficient.

Obviously, if I'm spending out this much money, I don't want to have to go and buy another mattress.

Thanks. smile

crikeybadger Mon 29-Apr-13 21:18:13

Just bumping. smile

rootypig Wed 01-May-13 05:03:59

No experience of Arms Reach, but fwiw we have the BedNest and love it, it's a brilliant design. I got one in excellent condition on ebay for half the RRP, then bought a new little green sheep mattress. DD is 6mo and still in it with room to spare - about to move her to big cot because she's almost sitting. Since she is my first DC I'll be keeping it for other LOs, but if you bought one second hand, you could probably sell it for what you paid.

crikeybadger Sat 04-May-13 17:37:40

Thanks for your reply rootypig, sorry only just seen someone had answered me!

Will have go and have a look at the bednest now. smile

PollyIndia Sun 05-May-13 21:50:40

I had an arms reach and fashioned a mattress cover out of a mattress protector which I put between the sheet and the original mattress. Apart from that, it's great. Storage underneath and pockets on it, and it's lovely to wake up and see your baby right next to you. I miss it now he is in his own room!

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