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Nap time burbling

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teacher123 Mon 29-Apr-13 13:35:44

My 1yo ds has two naps at the moment, and we've gone through various good nap/crap nap phases but I need a bit of perspective as I've got anxiety about his sleeping stemming from hideous early months and I don't think I'm being very rational.
Basically he never really cries at nap time, unless he's really tired and then he goes straight off to sleep usually! Most of the time he drops off within 5 mins or so, but about 10% of the time he'll be sort of intermittently silent for 10 minutes, then burble for a few mins, then silence, then burble etc etc. Is this normal? And does it count as a nap?! I don't know how long I should leave him for before giving up and getting him out of bed! I appreciate this sounds daft, so humour me! smile

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