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Night terrors???

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Mrsjisaok Mon 29-Apr-13 12:40:55

Hi-just wondered if anyone else had any experience of this: - my son is 26 months old; a brilliant sleeper (rarely wakes and sleeps for about 11 hours), but over the last few weeks, he has been waking 2-3 times a night, screaming; really distressed - and when I go into his room and ask; 'Are you thirsty/hurting/do you want a cuddle?'. he says 'No' and settles quite quickly. Bit upset to think that he may be having nightmares and at such a young age and so frequently? Any advice/ similiar expereinces, please?

GhostOfTheRobot Mon 29-Apr-13 14:39:08

When my dd has night terrors it always involves still being asleep when seeming awake. There then follows disjointed conversation and sometimes crying and screaming. I hold dd until she's calm and then encourage her to lie back down. She's always had these episodes when overly tired but never remembers them the next day.
She's done it since the age of 2 and it is horrible to experience. I have heard that they grow out of it eventually. She hasn't had any for a while now so maybe we're coming to a close on this. I try and avoid chocolate too close to bedtime which is a trigger for her I think.
You could try keeping a sleep diary and see if your DS has anything that sets him off?

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