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The Baby Sleep Site, sleep trainers or r ride it out?

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freelancegirl Sun 28-Apr-13 16:36:19

Anyone used this at all? I found their website during many hours of googling sleep issues due to a feeding-to-sleep boob dependent frequent waker (now 9mo) and get their weekly emails. Am tempted by a personalised sleep plan as it's cheaper than a sleep trainer, I can't seem to do it on my own and I'm thinking having a plan I can follow might help me stick to it. But also wondering if it's just a waste of money. And even if I can stick to it once I've bought it.

Half of me is now clingy to DS as ive got used to cosleeping! But realistically we all need more sleep as in the evening we can have as often as half hourly wake ups which only diminish to every two hours once I go to bed.

Anyone else been tempted to use them, used someone else..? I feel I need to do something before he starts crawling and can more easily fall out of bed.

freelancegirl Sun 28-Apr-13 16:37:47

Used the Baby Sleep Site that should be, in first line.

MoreSnowPlease Sun 28-Apr-13 18:18:10

We cosleep with DS (10 months) and he has roughly same waking pattern and drives me mad but I find I go through phases of hating it and then being thankful that at least I don't have to get up to tend to him that many times a night. I decided the stress wouldn't be worth it and that really the advice they give will probably be the same as what you would get on mumsnet anyway for free! They don't hold secret tricks up their sleeve, all the advice is already in circulation you just need to ask the right questions to get it IYSWIM?

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 28-Apr-13 19:58:40

I think the difference is if you've paid for something, you're more likely to stick at it than if you hadn't..!

freelancegirl Mon 29-Apr-13 10:06:35

Yes I agree with you snow and IC! I go through phases of tiredness and frustration and then other times am fine with it. That's why I'm torn between just carrying on as we are and enjoying it! It probably doesn't help that we travel around a lot and have active social lives that disrupt DS from having much of a routine for long. I emailed the sleep site to ask about this and as to how long, if we were to do the sleep training, we would need to be in one place and they said two weeks - which we could do. And paying for it might help yes! Or of course just be something else I've paid for and not given it my best shot / not worked.

Is your DS crawling yet more snow? Where do you put him to sleep when you're not ready for bed?

MoreSnowPlease Mon 29-Apr-13 11:55:03

Yep I am the same, torn between what to do, but mostly I'm ok with it so at the moment. Also he's extremely spirited awkward so even an attempt at trying any other sleep method and all hell breaks loose so it's not worth the effort agro

Yes, he started crawling at 5 months and walking at 6.5 and is very wriggly in bed, he has just got to the point of not needing to be fed every time he stirs and he tends to sleep on his front and crawl around to find the best position. He seems to just know where the edge of the bed is and regularly hangs his arms out of it but has never fallen. We have a cot at the side with the mattress much lower than the bed just in case, but he hasn't fallen. Can you put a mattress on the floor pr something?

MoreSnowPlease Mon 29-Apr-13 11:58:20

Oh missed your second question...that is an issue, I have always just gone to bed with him and I wouldn't leave him in there on his own but we go to bed about 8.30 and I need to go that early at the moment too as he wakes every hour. I have a feeling if left him he would definitely just crawl out of bed if he woke. We thought about using a webcam type set up but really I am happy going to bed at the same time at the moment.

Some others put their mattress on the floor, could that work for you?

freelancegirl Mon 29-Apr-13 12:19:29

Gosh crawling at 5 months is really early isn't it? I think! DS isn't yet crawling at almost 9 1/2. He likes a roll around though and is a chunky thing so am thinking he'll get there soon smile We have his cot next to one side of the bed so that acts like a rail as well as an empty storage space

I'm sorry - I can't go on. We've just had I can't believe we've completely screwed up for months moment! As I was typing this I asked DH about converting the cot into a cot bed to have alongside the bed instead. As maybe it would be easy than trying to lower it into the cot. He suggested taking one side off. It turns out that when I asked him 5 MONTHS AGO whether one side could come off and HE SAID NO. What he thought I was asking was could it be lowered like, well, those cots that have a lowered side. He said had I said 'can one side come off' instead of 'can one side come DOWN' he would have known what I was talking about. Of course I could have looked up our model of the cot too so we have both screwed up. But it turns out that ALL THIS TIME I could have done what I long wished I could have done and have him in a makeshift (making it safe of course) side sleeper, trying to shuffle him over and get him used to the cot a bit that way.

5 MONTHS AGO!! Aggh!

Oh I go to bed around 10-11pm but he wakes every half an hour or so before that anyway so am up and down the stairs. If he was crawling it would be different as at the moment he can be hemmed in by pillows at the side of the bed. I alsp paranoid first time mother have him on a breathing monitor and audio monitor but have been considering video too.

DH is off to take one side off the cot. We both laughed so much we cried! 5 bloody months!!!

InmaculadaConcepcion Mon 29-Apr-13 16:05:49

Ha ha ha!! Sounds like you now have the same arrangement as us free!! Good luck, hope it helps xx

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