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Nighttime seperation anxiety?

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TotesAmazeGoats Sat 27-Apr-13 06:50:19

DD is 10 months, and an average to awful sleeper.-
Her energy is limitless during the day, and unless I intervene and force her to nap, she probably wouldn't, just eventually slipping into a sleep deprived rage!! We rarely have sleep without a battle.

Nighttimes have always been touch and go, with the occasional miracle night where she'll sleep through (I can count those on one hand!)
She sleeps in her own room, and has done since about 4 months.
However now if she wakes in the night, she stands at the bars and screams bloody murder until someone goes in. Once she sees somebody, she almost instantly drops and goes back to sleep. This can happen anything from 1x a night to 4x a night and doesn't seem to be improving. Yet during the day she is fine on her own if needs be.

So basically, is this a stage? Is it common? Do I need to move her back into our room?

Until today I didn't realise this thread even existed and normally rant in parenting! I'm so excited to see so many other sleep deprived people in one setting!!

amazingmumof6 Sun 28-Apr-13 00:43:28

not sure what it is, but if it is not to difficult to do from a practical point of view I'd probably move her back (coz I hate having to get out of bed, lazy me)

but moving her back now could later cause other difficulties so it is a tricky one.

my 3 year old goes through phases like this, had a terrible 2 months stint when I was 7 months pg, then just as I passed my EDD he suddenly settled. no idea what went on.

at the moment he either wakes up several times a night or sleeps through, which is unpredictable.

so could be a phase, could be teething, might need more food/milk before bed to keep her tummy fuller for longer - I think it might be hard to tell.

I'm sure others will come to your aid with better advice.

baddyfreckleface Sun 28-Apr-13 04:24:49

Hi, sorry I have no advice but do have a very similar sounding Dd. although she wakes AT LEAST 4x a night. She drops as soon as I go in too.
I have to say, if mine would (and it really doesn't help us) I would probably co sleep .

Good luck

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