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Side Sleeping?

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OohShiny Fri 26-Apr-13 16:04:21

I think BabyShiny (4 weeks old) is suffering from reflux as we have been having some issues with excess wind and hiccups etc.

I have found after our early morning feed when I put her back to sleep on her back she grunts, whimpers and cries in her sleep as if in pain and will only go down for half an hour at most.

This morning I took her into bed with me (don't want to cosleep as don't feel secure enough and I wouldn't sleep for worrying) and she slept happily on her side, no noise or anything and she slept for over an hour.

Today she has had all her naps on her side on the other end of the sofa propped in a v pillow and she has slept well again. (This is not the same baby that only slept for a total of half an hour yesterday through the day!)

I have propped the head end of her cot up ready for tonight to see if that helps with the reflux, but if it doesn't I wanted to know if its safe enough to put her on her side to sleep at night if I put a rolled up blanket or similar against her belly so she can't roll forward?

Sorry for the essay but any advice on side sleeping would be appreciated.

MoroccoBorocco Sat 27-Apr-13 08:45:37

I've had my DD sleeping on her side since day 1. IMO it's much safer than on her back should she choke in the night. Now she is nearly 7 months she moves around in all positions sometimes I wake up and her feet are where her head was when I placed her!

MoroccoBorocco Sat 27-Apr-13 08:46:50

Oh and I use a rolled up blanket too to support her, but keep changing the side she's laying on so she isn't putting pressure on one side of her body

InmaculadaConcepcion Sun 28-Apr-13 20:06:22

My DS (now 8 mo) has always slept best on his side - for similar reasons to yours. It is higher risk than back sleeping from a SIDS point of view, but my DD was also a side-sleeper from an early age and she was okay. I put a Respisense tummy monitor on DD (she was also a bit prem and low birth weight, so had other risk factors) to ease my mind about that. I've never bothered to with DS.

The worst thing I've found about side- sleeping is nappy leaks - it's really tough to find a nappy that can cope with babies peeing in the position. We now use a disposable with a Little Lamb nappy and wrap over the top!!

PoppyWearer Sun 28-Apr-13 20:12:23

My DC2 was desperate to sleep on his front from birth, but we compromised on side-sleeping and he did ok with it.

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