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Toddler nursing throughout the night!

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DxbtoLHR Fri 26-Apr-13 10:07:50


I'm looking for advice please... My 16 month old has become a really difficult sleeper in the last couple of months. we co-sleep and he's in the habit of nursing to sleep or using a soother (I know, I know, it's my own fault for getting him into those habits but what can I say, it was so easy to get him to sleep, intially! )

But recently he's been waking up so often at night just to breastfeed, every couple of hours or more frequently, and it's really disturbing our sleep. My health visitor said that he probably doesn't need the milk but is just waking up out of habit and because he knows I'm just next to him, so she recommended getting him to sleep in a cot in another room - we tried him in the cot in our room a couple of times but he wasn't having it!

So did anyone alese go through this - any tips on how to stop the frequent waking and feeding?

Thanks a lot

Purlywhites Fri 26-Apr-13 12:30:16

I have a 19 month old who has been the same.
Waking anything up to 12 times a night.
The last couple of weeks have improved, he's woken 2-3 times.
We co sleep and he is breastfed, I am slowly weaning his feeds down.
I'm cutting the morning feeds then soon the afternoon feeds, this seems to be having a positive effect on his sleep. But he can't go more than 4 hours without a feed. This is the most amount of solid sleep I will get.
Hope it gets better soon.

WowOoo Fri 26-Apr-13 12:38:48

I weaned ds2 off the breast at night in one tough week.
I told him - we don't have milk at night. Again and again. He may or may not have understood (!!) but it helped keep me focused.

To ease the transition we gave him a bottle with a little bit of water in it.
Could you choose a time where you'll have support from a partner and some help?
If you want him to stay in his cot, it's another battle too. But, afterwards you'll kick yourself that you didn't do it sooner. Well, I kicked myself anyway..
Good luck!

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