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Cold turkey on the dummy

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CarlyRose80 Wed 24-Apr-13 09:47:13

If anyone's gone cold turkey with the dummy please send tips this way as just starting the process. What do you do instead of offering the dummy and how successful were you?

craigslittleangel Wed 24-Apr-13 10:02:18

My DD was just over 2 when it was taken away. She had just started having tantrums and throwing things. During one such tantrum, about an hour before bedtime, she held up her dummy as if to throw it. I warned her not to, saying "if you do you will not get it back". She did and I found myself in the position of her going cold turkey.

That night was awful, but it really did just take three nights for her to not even ask about it. During the day, when she would ask for it, I would just repeat that only little girls had dummy and that she had given it up (not sure if she understood that). She was at nursery on day 2, so I made sure they new about it and they were equally firm. Apparently when told she had no dummy, she would turn to her younger friend who still had their dummy and said, "big girls don't use dummy."

However, I would say that I am not entirely sure that she was ready to get rid of the dummy, although I certainly was. She tends to suck her fingers when upset now and I have caught her with her thumb in her mouth when she is tired. But when actually going to sleep she is happy to have nothing in her mouth.

Sorry, I'm not sure if this was much help.

SallyBear Wed 24-Apr-13 10:06:39

I just didn't give it to them at night once they reached 18mos. I just ignored any reference to it and made no mention of it. Took two nights - job done. Be brave!
Just make sure that you gather them all up first and hide them before throwing them out! Also everyone must also no not to mention the dummy. Once it's done with, heaps of praise about being so grown up. Good luck!

NoWayPedro Sat 27-Apr-13 08:20:32

Just done this with my 8 mo. Was a brilliant sleeper until 4 mo sleep regression, then between colds, teething etc. sleep seemed to get worse with frequent wake ups in the night either snacking (BF) or dummy replacement. So as soon as teeth popped through I thought right, sleep training and no more dummy! To be fair she has never been v addicted to it though.

Gave her a bath, feed as usual and she was v v sleepy. Normally gave the dummy at this point, put her down awake and that was it but one night last week i just didn't give the dummy. She whined for 2 mins so I went in did the 'sleepy sleepy time, love you' and came out. More whining and asleep before 4 minute check. She always woke at 10.30 and did that night - same again, asleep before 4 min check. Hasn't had the dummy day or night since and this was almost a week ago.

I was of the 'I don't think CC is for me' having co-slept etc. but I've really not experienced the screaming people talk about. i don't think i could cope with that tbh so maybe i've just been lucky and she was ready but needed a little help.

Last night she woke up once at 2.30 and that was it from 7pm til 6am this morning having previously needed settling several times in the night. When you consider we removed the dummy, are night weaning and sleep training I'm really pleased in a week.

I feel for you sad

Victoria2002 Sun 28-Apr-13 08:27:22

I banned the dummy at 4m without a drama, as a step towards sleep training. It was no problem but I did re-instate it for a long-haul flight once! How old is your baby/child?

Minimaxkids Sun 28-Apr-13 08:33:04

Similar to Craig when DS was just two he threw it in the car during a long journey. I couldn't find where it landed and it was the third one he threw. He screamed for over an hour, we had to make a ferry crossing so didn't stop.
I never let him have it after that, I figured he had screamed enough and I never wanted to go through that ever again.
Cold turkey every time.

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