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Please help me with 11m old routine & early waking

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sharond101 Mon 22-Apr-13 20:05:02

My DS is 11mo. His rough outline of a routine is,

wake: 6.30
7am: 100ml formula
8.30am: weetabix and fruit
9.30-10.30 nap
12.15: lunch
1.30:180ml formula
2-3pm nap
7pm: bath
7.20pm:300ml formula

He has been falling asleep with his bedtime bottle and I have been trying to rouse him as he wakes in the night regularly if fed to sleep. I have to hold him down in his cot if he is roused before I put him in and it gets very stressful and difficult to get him back to sleep. I don't think he is sleeping enough as in the morning he gets tired quickly after waking although will not go back to sleep. I hate the 6.30am start and would love him to sleep longer in the morning. Will an earlier bed help or make it worse? I just wonder if he is overtired and it may improve if he goes to sleep earlier? Scared it means he will wake even earlier though.

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