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Help with wake-to-sleep technic!

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workingonitagain Mon 22-Apr-13 14:53:44

hi everyone i posted on the wake to sleep thread but no reply so wondering if anyone could help me.
my ds2 has been waking between 5 25-5 35 every day for a good few month and so i've been trying to disturb him around 4 30 hoping that would push him out of this habit but he still wakes the same time every morning. im sure he is a bit awake at 4 30 so that can't be the reason why this is not working. all the stories i've heard the children would at least sleep in when they are being woken an hr earlier then once it's stopped they may go back to the old habit but mine doesn't even do it now and i don't understand it why?
i know he's teething but he doesn't have a problem sleeping during the day or at night i only let him sleep an hr at lunchtime and goes to bed at 7 30 and he does lots of exercise so it can't be that he is not tired enough hmm

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