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7mnt ds finally slept in his cot, now he's teething!!!!

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Whatnameforme Fri 19-Apr-13 23:13:35

I think I'm going to loose my mind! hmm
Ds is almost 7 months old, has slept with us every night. I fid try cots, Moses baskets, cribs, swaddling, grow bags, pushchairs, bouncy chairs, everything.... But gave up!! He doesn't sleep during the day and only sleeps at night if he is laying next to a warm boob! So I finally get him to fall sleep in his cot, although I feed him to sleep. For two nights he's done it, wakes roughly every three hours, feed him and back to sleep - bliss!!! smile
Now he's teething confused
Back in my bedblush
Sorry had to rant!!

MrsNPattz Sat 20-Apr-13 01:49:57

It's so hard isn't it! My 7 month old feels like a new born at the moment so we are trying to night wean but he's teething too which makes it difficult. Hope things improve!

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