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Sleep deprived 3 yr old since going into bed (very long.. Sorry..)

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Ieatmypeaswithhoney Fri 19-Apr-13 21:04:35

DS1 is nearly 3. About 9 weeks ago he started climbing out of his cotbed so we had to turn it into a bed before he hurt himself.

When it was a cot, he would go down easily at 7.30 and sleep through till 6 (sometimes a bit earlier) but would entertain himself chatting and singing in his cot till we went in to get him at 6.45 / 7. He was also napping for 1 - 1.5 hours a day, generally in his cot but he was happy to sleep in the buggy as well. He wouldn't always go off, and could cope without a nap, but most of the time he was still happy to sleep.

Now, unless he is totally exhausted, he will need anywhere between 10mins and an hour of "rapid return" to bed at bedtime (bedtime routine is otherwise exactly the same). He often appears in our bedroom in the night - I take him back to bed and he goes straight back to sleep - and then (and this is the real problem) he wakes at 5am and is out of bed and into our room / playing loudly in his room / messing around in the bathroom / turning the landing lights on and off etc. This wakes us, which is not ideal, and also often wakes up DS2 (8 months) which is a real pain.

He will no longer nap as he just can't / won't keep himself in bed.

He is absolutely exhausted during the day, and sometimes falls asleep on the floor and will certainly fall asleep in the car if we drive anywhere. But if he recharges like this, he will then keep getting out of bed at bedtime (even though he is tired).

We had been leaving things thinking that his body would eventually kick in and make him sleep later, but this doesn't seem to be happening, and I'm really starting to worry about how the sleep deprivation is affecting him (tantrums, grumpiness, bad behaviour and falling over and banging into things so he is covered in bruises).

We have a Gro Clock, but this doesn't seem to make any difference. I have tried lying in bed with him in the morning - he stays still for a bit but then gets up again, and this is not something I want to be in the habit of doing anyway. We can shut his door to keep him in his room but this upsets him and doesn't make him any quieter, so we and DS2 still get woken (and I don't like doing it if it can be avoided). His room is not light. There are toys and books in there, which I could try taking out possibly, although he might then be more likely to come in to see us. I could also try putting him to bed earlier, although that will be hard once I am back at work, and I suspect he might just take longer to go down. I am currently trying putting him down a bit later, hoping he will sleep more in the morning. Not working yet though....

Any thoughts would be much appreciated - sorry this is a long one! I can lve with 5am wake ups now DS2 is sleeping through, although i will struggle once back at work, but DS1 is not a happy bunny.

Sorry for the long post!

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