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Confusing advice on swaddling

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GreatSoprendo Thu 18-Apr-13 20:15:49

DS is 11 days old, and was swaddled by midwives in hospital and I've continued this at home using a groswaddle wrap.

Someone told me today that their MW told them to never ever swaddle under any circs as its a SIDS risk due to chances of overheating. The SIDS website seems to just say never cover their head with the swaddle (like you would!!)

So what is the advice? Is swaddling ok or not? DS seems to like it and its become a bit of our routine (if you can call it a routine after 11 days!) which seems to be working so loathe to drop it and disrupt things. However DS is big enough to go into his sleeping bag if that would be better (born at 9lb12z and already up to 10lb4oz). What would you do?

Also in the current weather how many layers should DS sleep under? I've been doing vest, suit, swaddle wrap plus one layer of cellular blanket but think will try to drop the blanket as its been milder in the night the last couple of days.

CarlyRose80 Thu 18-Apr-13 20:28:15

My LO now 19 weeks has been swaddled since birth. He wears a sleep suit (normal kind, long leg long arms) sleeping bag and then swaddled. Sleeping bag as he kicks the covers off otherwise. Once asleep I cover him with one blanket and he's warm enough. Rooms always between 16-20 degrees depending what time the heating kicks in. His swaddle is just a thin material not sure now what it's made off and he's already in bed for me to check, but I'm sure it's made from the material like t shirts, not sure what its called lol, but its thin so he doesn't over heat. I dropped the body suit under the baby grow as its a bit warmer, and sometimes just a thin blanket over his sleeping bag but he likes to nuzzle into something by his face so he does have a blanket most nights. Sounds like your doing fine. I've never been told not to swaddle, and its helped greatly, especially when he's been over tired. xx

MrsOakenshield Thu 18-Apr-13 20:34:52

never heard this. DD (3) was swaddled, whilst wearing vest and sleepsuit, firstly in a cellular blanket, then in a proper swaddle with blanket on top if it was very cold. Did it for around 3 months. Sometimes she would end up right down in the swaddle but her head was never enclosed.

iloveholidays Thu 18-Apr-13 20:42:00

The no swaddling is relatively new advise, well within last 2 years. I swaddled all 3 of mine, DD3 is 5 months old and they said in hospital that they're now supposed to be advising against swaddling.

I would only swaddle with one layer on underneath, so sleep suit then swaddle blanket - she never seemed cold. I think it is due to a worry of overheating.

BonaDea Fri 19-Apr-13 17:06:42

My month old wears vest, sleep suit and is then swaddled in a large muslin with blanket on top OR a merino swaddle in which case no extra blanket.

DoodleAlley Fri 19-Apr-13 17:10:54

There is advice now not to swaddled on the basis it restricts the child's ability to regulate their temperature.

There is a great article on it on the fsid website.

It seems the bigger risk is transitioning to swaddling at three months having not done so before but as with all these things it's for you to make your peace with what you do.

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