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3 year old starting the day at 5 am

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craziedaisy Thu 18-Apr-13 12:03:55

My 3 year old dd has always been a terrible sleeper and at 3 and half has only just started to sometimes sleep through the night. But she still starts the day at 5. She is still very obviously tired and yawns and is very grumpy. I take her back to her bed and try and cuddle her back down but she fights the urge to go back to sleep. We can't leave her because she would wake up her older brother who really needs his sleep. She starts shouting to go down stairs but wont eat any breakfast. By 10 she will nod off if out in the car and sleep for a couple of hours. When she wakes she is a much better mood. If i try and keep her going she is teary and grumpy all day but will go down early at 6. On the days she has a nap she is asleep by 8 to 8:30. Does any have any tips? She has black out blinds but it is quite dark when she wake anyway.

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