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19 month old with asthma and sleep apnea still waking at 3am

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redlaura Thu 18-Apr-13 07:50:00

My son has a predisposition to asthma (can't diagnose it this young) and also big adenoids which means he has sleep apnea. He's on the waiting list for havi g his adenoids out.

he has a great bedtime routine and goes off to sleep on his own in his own bed but from a baby we brought him with us (he had awful colic, lactose intolerance and just terrible sleeping habits. our philosophy was "take the path of least resistance to sleep", which it still is.

he wakes up once a night still and we bring him into bed with us but he no longer goes to sleep. he plays with mu hair for ages as he doses off and its tryjng my patience. we also give him a little milk as it aends him off that bit quicker. basically we have taught him tjat if he wakes he gets milk and a cuddle all night so why wouldnt he?

Before Xmas we tried revolving door sleep training where we would keep going back in to lay him down and say good night. Worked to a degree and he stayed the whole night in his bed, but over winter he kept havi g asthma episodes, with one admission into hospital and many trips to A&E. obviously all our hard work was undone as we kept him on our bed for a while to monitor his breathing, which always takes a whole to settle and we are happier having him with us so we can keep an eye on him.

So we're back to square one. He goes to bed fine, then wakes up and comes in with us. We are having average nights sleep, not bad not great. I just don't see the point in going through any kind of sleep training for him then to have asthma and we bring him in bed with us. Very confusing for him.

Can anyone who has had experience of living with asthmatic kids share their thoughts? Is it a case of accepting this and living with it, which is near where I am anyway, or sleep training after every episode has passed? Recently he has slept through on three random occasions in the last three weeks off his own bat. Shall we let him figure it out for himself and just accept that he has issues and will be I with us?

Thanks for your advice


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