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top tips now on creating a routine for a co sleeping breastfed baby? also don't want to drop the former as want some sleep but suggestions please

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stella10 Wed 17-Apr-13 22:00:20

...said it all really.any ideas on how to create some routines even tho we never use the cot!!? He sleeps with me and I completely profess its the only way to get any sleep but nap wise he's goin to be a terror like my last two! They only napped in the car! What to do....??

mumblecrumble Wed 17-Apr-13 23:06:31

We only have one so may nto be apporpriate.... but when DD co slept she went to bed at the same time as us.

Gosh... thinking about it, its a good question.... We kind of let our DD lead adn she slept much better in a cot at around a year... She co sleeps with us now when she is ill (age 5) and we just take her to bed with us and go up early. We usually snuggle with book, laptop cbeebies then sleep but not really routine but when she is ill..

Could you put a baby down to sleep in your family bed? Without you I mean,...?My gut would say no

But very pro co sleeping and do not know why people freak out against it so much

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